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ブランド名 Bilitis dix-sept ansは「ビリティス」という17歳の女性がイメージ。特に年齢にこだわっているわけではなく、例えば17歳のころの美しい事象の何にでも感動できる素直な感受性をずっと持ち続けている素敵な大人の女性に着てほしいと思っています!




Designer / 星 丈二、瀬下 裕子

Our brand name "Bilitis dix-sept ans" was inspired by the film "Bilitis" which was directed by David Hamilton, a photographer, in the 1970's. Bilitis is the name of a French girl who was the main character of Hamilton's film. In french, the phrase "dix-sept ans" means "17 years old". However, the meaning has nothing to do with our line, for our clothes are not just for teenagers. We love women who are young at heart and who have a passion for the more innocent things in life. For those women, our clothes are for you.

Since we love the more innocent things in life, we specially chose a beautiful, delicate lace called French Leaver Lace for this line. This lace comes mainly from France, but sometimes England. It is comparable to antique lace, which is made by hand.

Every year, twice year, we have the pleasure of attending the big exhibition, 'TRANOI' in Paris during Fashion week. We've been praised for our "Bilitis" line by many European buyers saying that our designs are special. Many European brands use French Leaver lace, but the impression buyers get from the Bilitis collection is that it demonstrates a certain delicate sensibility not often seen in designs today. Preferences differ depending on culture, but with our use of more intricate styles, a true lover of lace would find Bilitis to be an exceptional line.

Sometimes, we import special laces from Europe and incorporate them into our own collections and then we export the finished products back to Europe to be sold in boutiques and department stores. It's an honor to be able to show the world our designs and we are truly humbled by the overwhelming positive responses we receive from European buyers who have a long history in the world of fashion.

We love materials that have endured the test of time such as lace, tulle, ribbon and embroidery. The place in which we find pleasure in, is a world that is full of antique laces, ballerinas, romanticism, not too sweet, but with an elegant sensuality about it.

We create for the simple pleasure of just making art. Delicate workmanship is a key part of our designing process where we create elegant, yet simple, fashions.

We hope to continue making designs that will inspire others to create their own styles, and hopefully, help them find a new love for the more innocent things in life.

Designer : George Hoshi, Yuko Seshimo

(Translation : Sarah_J Jones)


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